A Tucson Change Movement donation station

A modified city parking meter serving as a Tucson Change Movement “donation station” on 4th Ave, November 20, 2017. The meters accept donations via cash or credit card.

The program that uses specially marked parking meters to collect donations for the City of Tucson’s Homeless Work Program has collected $1,018 from its 2015 inception to date, according to city spokeswoman Lane Mandle.

The meters are placed in public locations throughout the downtown and university areas, many of them along the Sun Link streetcar line. According to a map provided by the Tucson Change Movement, the organization promoting the program, there are 18 meter locations.

Proceeds from the meters are used to fund the city’s homeless work program, a program aimed at creating pathways out of homelessness by providing jobs that pay $10 per hour for tasks like cleaning city roadway medians and sidewalks. Participants in the program are also provided with transportation to and from shelters, lunch, and a health screening.